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Thinking of selling on Amazon Australia?

Amazon is the largest ecommerce marketplace in the world – their recent expansion into Australia has opened up the opportunity for Amazon retailers around the globe to take advantage of the power of Amazon as well as providing international sellers with an easy way to access the Australian market.

EZ Prep has expanded into the Australian marketplace and can help you simplify the process for selling on Amazon as well as other marketplaces, whether by direct fulfillment of your orders or by preparing your products for the Amazon Australia FBA warehouse.

Direct Fulfillment of Amazon Orders

You can choose for your Amazon orders to be ‘Fulfiled By Merchant’ or ‘FBM’ meaning, you arrange shipping yourself for all sales made on the Amazon Site and EZ Prep’s order management system can integrate with your Amazon account – as soon as a sale is made on Amazon, we will receive the order into our systems for picking and dispatch.  This can be done with Amazon as well as other marketplaces you sell in.

Amazon FBA Preparation Services

Amazon has very specific requirements for shipping your product into their facilities such as individual unit labeling with the Amazon assigned FNSKU code, specific carton types, etc. It is your responsibility as a seller to understand and adhere to these requirements. Failure to do so might result in your shipment to Amazon being rejected, or expensive re-work fees being incurred to meet the requirements.

Benefits Of Partnering With EZ Prep Australia
  • With Amazon being so new to the Australian market – there are very few businesses who understand the requirements for shipping into Amazon FBA facilities. EZ Prep has done the hard work to understand and perfect the processes to ensure your inbound shipments are successful every time.
  • Our Melbourne facility is in same city as the only (for now) Amazon FBA warehouse in Australia.
  • Strategically located in close proximity to airports and seaports to receive international shipments.
  • Knowledge and experience with delivering into FBA warehouses as Amazon does not yet have a dedicated shipping partner to manage inbound shipments into Australia.
  • Modern, clean and secure facility capable of storing food grade products.
  • Able to offer advice on importing requirements and procedures into Australia.
  • Able to offer advice on company structure/taxes within Australia.
How does it work?


How fast can you prep and ship my items to Amazon?

Our turnaround time is between 24 to 36 hours on most items – if not sooner depending on the scale of the preparation.

How soon can I start shipping to your warehouse?

As soon as we have your account set up. This can often be arranged while your shipment is in transit to us.

Is your warehouse secured?

Yes. We have a very secure facility with CCTV cameras and monitored alarm systems.

Do you work with new Amazon Sellers?

Yes! We expect to be doing so considering Amazon is so new to Australia.

Do you accept sellers of all sizes?

Absolutely! We want to help you whether you’re a small volume seller or large.

Who pays for shipping to the Amazon warehouse?

We’ll pay the shipping company and reimburse the cost from you.

Will you disclose any of my product information?

Absolutely Not! We are in the Logistics business with no intention of becoming a seller ourselves. We respect and value the privacy of each one of our customers.

Do you accept and unload sea containers?

Yes we do. Please give us at least a 48 hour heads up so we can make room for your delivery.

Can you store my inventory if I don’t want to send it all to Amazon?

Yes we certainly can.

Can we send some inventory to Amazon and leave some with you to fulfill orders from another platform such as Ebay?

Yes, we can integrate our systems directly with an Ebay account as well as all of the main Ecommerce platforms.  We are happy to fulfill your orders from multiple platforms at the same time.