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American Customs Logistics Inc. has been a family business in the customs and freight forwarding industry for the past 35 years.  We have helped thousands of companies throughout the nation with their customs clearance needs and shipping requirements.  Once their products were cleared and found their way safely to our warehouse, our team inspected, repackaged and sent these products to their final destinations – whether it was being sent directly to a consumer, another warehouse, or to other fulfillment centers – we made the process smooth and easy.

Not too long ago, a friend and successful Amazon seller, inquired about all the details in regards to having products shipped from overseas.  We began to realize how little most people knew about this process and how daunting it could be for some – a process that came second nature for us since this was what we did every day for so many years.  We love being able to help our friends and others we have met through different groups with their concerns regarding customs, logistics, and any other aspect of this process.  Since we already had the processes in place, a 17,000 square foot warehouse facility to work out of, and a full staff ready and willing to help, adding Prep and Pack services was a no brainer.

That is when EZ Prep was born.  EZ Prep is a full service Amazon prep and ship company that is able to receive your inventory on your behalf, store your products, prep them according to Amazon’s strict guidelines, repackage them safely and ship all inventory to their respective Amazon fulfillment centers all over the US.  Our goal is to provide exceptional service to all our clients, allowing you to focus on the sourcing of new products and private label opportunities – feeling reassured that EZ Prep will take care of the rest.  By freeing up precious time from tedious and mundane tasks like removing stickers or polybagging products, we believe you will be able to leverage your time to grow bigger and do more volume in sales, never touching boxes or tape or packing lists again.

Amazon has strict rules and regulations for its Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. If you sell on Amazon, it is extremely crucial to abide by all the rules to prevent any exorbitant fees, poor ratings, warnings and your ability to sell on the Amazon. As your shipment is handled by many different people, it is wise to use FBA prep service USA and inspection services to streamline your FBA business.

Whether you are dealing in online arbitrage, retail arbitrage, private label, or wholesale, our FBA prep service USA are designed to empower your Amazon FBA business. We will help you to focus on your core activities of building your business, while we will take care of SKU stickers, customs brokerage California, Amazon prep and packaging requirements

Being an experienced and renowned Amazon freight forwarder, we have trained our FBA forward team to resolve all issues related to FBA shipments, so you are saved from exorbitant fees charged by Amazon for damaged and non FBA compliant shipments delivered to their fulfillment center.

Our FBA forward team is skilled in preparing your shipments prior to forwarding it to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. They are thoroughly trained in handling FNSKU labeling, bundling, poly bagging, and all other Amazon prep requirements. Whether you are looking for customs brokerage California or FBA prep service USA, you can count upon us all your customs clearance needs and shipping requirements.

Partner with us and let us help you grow your business.  Feel free to call or email us with any questions, any concerns, anytime.